Shrimad Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 10

Vibhuti Yoga {The Yoga of Divine Glory}

Lord Shree Krishnas Glory
Lord Shree Krishnas Glory
Chapter 10

Shree Bhagavan said: Again, listen to MY Divine Teachings, O Arjuna (O Mahabaho, the mighty-armed one); which I say to you, MY beloved confidant, desiring your welfare. (1)

Neither the Celestial Gods know MY origin, nor the great sages; as in every way I am the source of the Celestial Gods and of the great seers also. (2)

Who know ME, The Unborn, The Beginningless and The Supreme Lord of the Universe; undeluded they are, free from all evils from among the mortals. (3)

Intellect, knowledge, clarity of thought, forgiveness, truthfulness, control over the senses, control of the mind, joy, sorrow, birth, death, fear and courage; nonviolence, equanimity, contentment, austerity, charity, fame, infamy, all these varieties of qualities arise amongst humans from ME alone. (4-5)

The seven great Sages and before them four other great sages and the Manus also; are born from ME, MY mind; born from them all these people in the world. (6)

Those who know in truth, these glories and MY Divine powers; unwavering in bhakti Yoga, they become united with ME without any doubt. (7)

I am the origin of all creation, everything proceeds from ME; thus, having known; the wise worship ME endowed with great faith and devotion. (8)

Those with minds fixed on ME, those who have surrendered their lives to ME, enlightening with Divine knowledge of God; speaking with one another continuously about ME, they attain satisfaction and delight also. (9)

To them, who engage in devotion with love, ever steadfast; I give Divine Knowledge, that by which they attain ME. (10)

For them; only out of compassion, I dwelling within their hearts, destroy darkness born of ignorance; with the luminous lamp of knowledge. (11)

Arjuna said: You are the Supreme Brahma, the Supreme Abode; the Purifier Supreme Personality; the Eternal Divine Primal Being; the Unborn; the Greatest. All the sages, including the Divine Sage Narada, have said this about YOU; Asita, Devala, Vyasa personally and; even YOU YOURSELF are telling me. (12-13)

I accept this truth, everything which you tell me O Lord Shree Krishna, the killer of the demon named Keshi; neither the celestial Gods nor the demons truly can understand your personality the Supreme Lord. (14)

You know yourself by yourself indeed; the Supreme Personality yourself, the Creator of all beings, the Lord of everything, the God of Gods, the Lord of the universe. (15)

Please do completely tell me YOUR own Divine glories; by which YOU reside and pervade all these glories in the world. (16)

How shall I know the Supreme Master of Yogmaya; YOU the Supreme Divine Personality, in what and in what forms to be thought of by me while meditating. (17)

O Lord Shree Krishna, he who looks after the public; describe again in detail your divine Yoga and glories; because not hearing this nectar am not satisfied. (18)

Shree Bhagavan said: Arjuna, best of the Kurus; yes, I shall certainly describe to you MY salient Divine Glories; for there is no limit to my extensive Divine Glories. (19)

I am the soul; O Arjuna (O Gudakesha, the conqueror of sleep); seated in the heart of all living entities; I am the beginning and the middle and also the end of all beings. (20)

Amongst the twelve sons of Aditi; I am Lord Vishnu; amongst the luminous objects, the radiant Sun; I am Marichi of the Maruts; amongst the stars, I am the Moon. (21)

Amongst the Vedas, I am the Sama Veda; of all the celestial Gods; I am Indra; amongst the senses, I am the mind and amongst the living beings, I am the consciousness. (22)

I AM Lord Shiva among the Rudras and Lord of wealth among the Yakshas and Rakshasas, I AM the Fire among the Vasus and Meru among the peaks. (23)

Amongst the priests and the chiefs, know ME as Brihaspati; O Arjuna (O Partha, the son of Pritha); I AM Kartikeya among the warrior chiefs, amongst reservoirs of water I AM the ocean. (24)

Among the great seers, I AM Bhrigu; amongst chants, I AM the syllable OM; of sacrifices, Japa-Yajna (sacrifice of the devotional repetition of the divine names of God); I AM the Himalayas amongst the immovable things. (25)

Amongst all trees, the Pipala tree (sacred fig tree); amongst the celestial Sages, Narada; and Chitraratha amongst the Gandharvas; Sage Kapil of all those who are perfected. (26)

Know ME as Uchchaihshrava amongst the horses, begotten from the churning of the ocean of nectar; Airavata, amongst all lordly elephants; and the King amongst humans. (27)

Amongst weapons, I AM the Vajra (thunderbolt); amongst cows, I AM Kamdhenu; amongst causes for procreation, I AM Kaamdev, the God of love and amongst serpents, I AM the serpent Vasuki. (28)

And I AM Anant, amongst the snakes; I AM Varuna, the celestial God of the ocean amongst aquatics; amongst the departed ancestors, I AM Aryama and I AM Yamah, the celestial God of death, amongst the dispensers of law. (29)

And I AM Prahlada, of demons; I AM Kaal (Time) of all that controls; and amongst animals, the lion; and I AM Garuda, amongst birds. (30)

I AM the wind, of all that purifies; I AM Lord Rama, of the carriers of weapons; I AM crocodile of all aquatics; also, I AM the Ganges of flowing rivers. (31)

The beginning, middle and end indeed of all creations I AM Arjuna; I AM the science of spirituality amongst sciences; the logical conclusion of debates. (32)

I AM amongst all letters, the beginning letter “A”; the dual, amongst grammatical compounds; and I only AM the endless time; amongst the creators, I AM Brahma. (33)

I AM all-devouring death; and the origin of those things that are yet to be; and amongst the feminine qualities; fame, opulence, fine speech, memory, intelligence, courage and forgiveness. (34)

I AM the Brihatsama, amongst the hymns in the Sama Veda; also, the Gayatri mantra amongst the poetic meters; of the twelve months; I AM Marga Shirsha (the month of November-December); of all the seasons; I AM Kusuma Akarah (the Spring). (35)

Of all cheats; I AM gambling; I AM the splendor of the splendid; I AM victory; I AM firm resolve; I AM virtue of the virtuous. (36)

I AM Vasudeva (Shree Krishna, the son of Vasudev) among the Vrishnis (the descendants of Vrishni) and Arjuna among the Pandavas; I AM Vyasa among the Sages, and amongst the great thinkers; Shukracharya, the thinker. (37)

I AM punishment, amongst means of preventing lawlessness; I AM proper conduct, amongst those who seek victory; I AM silence, amongst secrets; and also; I AM wisdom, in the wise. (38)

And, I also AM that generating seed of all living beings; Arjuna; there is nothing; that is moving and nonmoving creature, which exists without ME. (39)

There is no end to MY Divine manifestations; O Arjuna (O Parantapa, the conqueror of enemies); this is but just one portion of the breath of the topic of (MY) glories, declared by ME. (40)

Also, whatever is opulent, beautiful or all that which is glorious; you know that to be a part of ME, born of MY splendor only. (41)

Or what more can be detailed by this or known by you, Arjuna; just know that I pervade and support this entire creation by one fraction of MY being. (42)