Shrimad Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 12

Bhakti Yoga {The Yoga of Devotion}

Lord Shree Krishna with Devotees
Lord Shree Krishna with Devotees
Chapter 12

Arjuna said: Thus, those devoted steadfastly to YOU and also those devotees who worship the imperishable, the formless Brahmana; of them, who is more perfect in Yoga. (1)

Shree Bhagavan said: Those who worship ME with their minds fixed on ME, ever steadfast; those who are endowed with faith are considered by ME to be the best; they are situated highest in Yoga. (2)

But; who worship, the imperishable, the indefinable, the unmanifest, the all-pervading, the unthinkable, the unchanging, the immovable and the eternal; restraining the senses; even-minded, engaged in the welfare of all beings everywhere; they also attain ME. (3-4)

Of those whose minds are attached to the unmanifest; indeed, the path is full of tribulations for the embodied, the unmanifest is reached with exceeding difficulty. (5)

But those who dedicating all actions to ME; regarding ME as the Supreme goal, worship ME exclusively by meditating with devotion; certainly, of those I become soon. Of those whose consciousness is united with ME; I am the deliverer from the ocean of birth and death; O Arjuna (O Partha, the son of Pritha ). (6-7)

Fix mind on ME alone; surrender intellect on ME; thereafter, no doubt you shall always live in ME alone. (8)

If you are unable to fix mind steadily on ME; then by Yoga, uniting with God through repeated practice, desire to attain ME; O Arjuna (O Dhananjaya, the conqueror of wealth). (9)

If you are unable to indulge in practice; devotedly work for ME; by performing work for MY sake, you shall also achieve perfection and attain ME. (10)

Even if this you are unable to work; then taking refuge with devotion to ME, be situated in the self to renounce the fruits of all actions. (11)

For knowledge is better than practice, and meditation is better than knowledge; from meditation, renunciation of the fruits of action is better; and from renunciation follows peace. (12)

Free from malice towards all living beings, friendly and compassionate; indeed, free from attachment to possession, free from egoism, equipoised in distress & happiness, forgiving; content, self-controlled Yogis; steadily united in devotion with firm resolve, whose mind & intellect are dedicated to ME; they, MY devotees are very dear to ME. (13-14)

People are not agitated by whom and who are not disturbed from people; who are free from pleasure, pain, fear and anxiety; they are very dear to ME. (15)

Indifferent to worldly gain, pure, skillful, without cares, untroubled of all undertakings, renouncer; such of my devotees, he’s very dear to ME. (16)

Who neither rejoices nor despairs; neither laments nor hankers for gain; who renounces both good and evil deeds; who is full of devotion; that person is very dear to ME. (17)

Alike to a foe and to a friend; as well as, in honor and dishonor, in cold and heat, equipoised in joy and sorrow, free from all unfavorable association; alike in reproach and praise; silent contemplation, content with anything, without attachment to the place of residence; firmly fixed intellect; full of devotion; such a person is very dear to ME. (18-19)

Those who worship this wisdom nectar as declared with exclusive devotion; with faith, intent on ME as the Supreme goal; such devotees are exceedingly dear to ME. (20)