Shrimad Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 15

Purushottama Yoga {The Yoga of the Supreme Divine Person}

Lord Shree Krishna Purushottama
Lord Shree Krishna Purushottama
Chapter 15

Shree Bhagavan said: They speak of the eternal Pipala tree (the sacred fig tree) with its roots above and the branches downwards; of which the leaves are the Vedic mantras; one who knows that; he is the knower of the Vedas. (1)

As nourished with the Gunas (modes of material nature); buds with the objects of the senses, its branches extend downwards and upwards; and roots keep growing downwards as bound by the actions in the human world. (2)

Not the form like this is perceived in this world, with no end nor also any beginning and not also the basis; as such of this Pipala tree (the sacred fig tree). This deep-rooted Pipala tree needs to be cut down by the strong axe of detachment. (3)

Then one must search out that place, the origin, from where it all began; and take refuge, where having gone to HIM one does not return again. Certainly, very old and the only one, the Supreme Lord. (4)

Those dwelling constantly on the self and on God; having overcome the evils of attachment, who are free from pride and delusion. Those who are not bewildered, free from the desire to enjoy senses, liberated from the dualities known as pleasure and pain; they attain that eternal abode. (5)

Neither the Sun, nor the Moon, nor the Fire can represent that illumination. That abode, to which they go and never return; is MY Supreme Abode. (6)

The eternal embodied souls in the material world are fragments of ME alone; struggling bound by Prakriti (the material nature), the mind and the six senses. (7)

Like the air goes away after taking the fragrance from its place; as also the embodied soul, leaves the body it carries. (8)

Ears, eyes, touch, taste, nose and all these together possessed by the mind; one savors the sense objects. (9)

The ignorant residing or departing; enjoys under the spell of the Gunas (the modes of material nature); they do not perceive or behold what those who possess the eyes of knowledge do. (10)

Striving yogis too see the soul enshrined in the body; those whose minds are not purified; even though they strive, they remain unaware and are not able to know it. (11)

That brilliance in the Sun, which illuminates the entire universe; that shine which is in the Moon and also which is in the Fire; know that brightness to be MINE. (12)

I permeate the Earth and sustain all the living beings with MY energy and nourish all the herbs & plants by supplying the juice of life by becoming the Moon. (13)

I by becoming Vaishvanara, the fire of digestion; in all the living beings situated in the body; united with the Prana (outgoing) and Apana (incoming) breath, I digest the four kinds of foods. (14)

I am seated in the hearts of all the living beings; as well as the memory, knowledge and forgetfulness are from ME. I alone AM to be known by all the Vedas and the creator of the Vedanta and I alone AM the knower of the meaning of the Vedas. (15)

The perishable and the imperishable, these are the two types of Purushas (beings) in the universe; it is said that all the living beings are perishable and the liberated, unchangeable is the imperishable. (16)

But besides these is said to be the Supreme Divine Personality, the Supreme Soul; who is indestructible, the controller; who pervades and sustains the three worlds. (17)

Since, I AM transcendental to the perishable and even transcendental to the imperishable; therefore, I AM known as Purushottama, the Supreme Divine Personality in the universe and in the Vedas. (18)

Thus, those who know ME as the Supreme Divine Personality; they with complete knowledge worship ME with one’s whole being without a doubt; Arjuna, the son of Bharata. (19)

This spoken by ME; Arjuna, the sinless one; these are the most secret Vedic scriptures; understanding this one who becomes enlightened and fulfills all that is to be accomplished; O Arjuna, the son of Bharata. (20)