Shrimad Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 9

Raja Vidya Yoga {The Yoga of the Supreme Science}

Lord Shree Krishnas Supreme Teachings
Lord Shree Krishnas Supreme Teachings
Chapter 9

Shree Bhagavan said: I shall impart to you this, the most confidential, O non-envious one. Knowledge, with realized knowledge; knowing which, you will be released from the miseries of material existence. (1)

The Supreme science, this is the highest, pure, most profound secret; directly perceptible, directly realizable, righteous, is easy to practice and is everlasting. (2)

People without faith of Dharma; such persons; O Arjuna (O Parantapa, the conqueror of enemies); without attaining ME; come back in the path of death to this material existence. (3)

This entire cosmic manifestation is pervaded by ME, in the unmanifested form; all living beings dwell in Me and I not in them. (4)

Nor are there any beings in ME, see MY Divine Energy, MY soul is the creator of all beings, the sustainer of all living beings and yet not in beings. (5)

As the mighty wind, blowing everywhere rests in the sky always; thus know, likewise all living beings rest in ME. (6)

All living beings; O Arjuna, the son of Kunti; merge in MY primordial material energy at the end of a Kalpa; at the beginning of a Kalpa, I manifest them again. (7)

Presiding over My own material energy, I generate again and again; all these myriad forms beyond their control, are under the force of nature. (8)

None of those actions bind ME, O Arjuna (O Dhananjaya, the conqueror of wealth); as situated, neutral and detached from those actions I am. (9)

As per direction by ME; the nature brings into being both the animate and the inanimate; for this reason; Arjuna, the son of Kunti, the material world undergoes the changes. (10)

Dim-witted disregard ME as have taken on the human form; not knowing MY Divine personality, the Supreme Lord all beings. (11)

Of vain hopes, of vain actions, deluded, of baffled knowledge, of demoniac and atheistic nature; are those bewildered by the material energy. (12)

But the great souls; O Arjuna, the son of Pritha, take shelter of the divine energy, ME; engage in devotion with mind fixed exclusively, knowing the imperishable and origin of all creation. (13)

Always singing divine glories and striving for ME with great determination; and humbly bowing down, worship ME constantly united with loving devotion. (14)

And also, with Yajna of cultivating knowledge others worship ME; various worship the undifferentiated oneness & separation of the cosmic form. (15)

I am the Vedic ritual, I am the sacrifice and I am the oblation; I am the medicinal herb; Vedic mantra I am; I also the clarified butter; I am the fire; I am the act offering. (16)

I am the father of this universe; the mother; the sustainer; the grandsire; the goal of knowledge; the purifier; the sacred syllable OM; the Rig Veda, the Sama Veda and also the Yajur Veda. (17)

I am the Supreme goal, Sustainer, Master, Witness, Abode, Shelter, Friend, the Origin, Dissolution, Repository, Resting place and the Imperishable seed. (18)

I radiate heat, I withhold and send forth the rain, I am the immortality and also the death, the eternal spirit and the temporary matter, O Arjuna. (19)

With the Vedic rituals of the three Vedas, drinkers of the Soma juice; who worship ME through sacrifices; purified of sins, they seek way to the abode of the celestial King of heaven. Pious attain abode of Indra, enjoy the pleasures of the celestial Gods in heaven. (20)

They, that having enjoyed the vast heaven, at the exhaustion of the stock of merits; return to the earthly plane. Thus follow the Vedic rituals, portion of the three Vedas with repeated coming and going attain desiring objects of enjoyments. (21)

Those who always think of ME, persons who worship exclusively; of them who are always absorbed, I carry the safety of Yoga. (22)

Although devotees of other celestial Gods; those who worship faithfully, they also worship ME only, Arjuna, the son of Kunti; by the wrong method. (23)

I am the receiver certainly of all sacrifices and the Lord; but not realizing ME, the divine nature, therefore they fall down to wander in this world. (24)

Worshipers of celestial Gods, go amongst the celestial Gods; worshippers of ancestors, go to the ancestors; worshippers of ghosts, go to the ghosts and my devotees come to ME. (25)

One in pure consciousness who offers with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, water that I partake offered to ME with devotion. (26)

Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever offer to the sacred fire, bestow as a gift whatever; whatever austerities you perform, O Arjuna, the son of Kunti, do them as an offering to ME. (27)

Thus, you shall be freed from the bondage, from work, good and bad results; with renunciation of selfishness, having the mind attached to ME, liberated; you shall reach to ME. (28)

I am equally disposed to all living beings; no one is dear to ME, nor inimical; but who worship ME with love, with devotion; reside in ME such persons and also I in them. (29)

Even if the vilest sinners; worship ME with exclusive devotion, certainly that person is to be considered righteous; person resolved properly. (30)

He quickly becomes righteous; attains lasting peace, O Arjuna, the son of Kunti; know that MY devotee never perishes. (31)

Certainly; O Arjuna (O Partha, the son of Pritha), who take refuge in ME; even if of low birth, women, mercantile people and manual workers; even they go to the Supreme destination. (32)

What then about sages, meritorious devotees and saintly Kings; having achieved this transient, joyless world; engage in devotion unto ME. (33)

Always think of ME, be MY devotee, MY worshipper, offer obeisance’s to ME; thus, having dedicated your mind and body to ME, you will come certainly to ME; united with ME. (34)